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Breastfeeding: A love exchange

This next wednesday August 8, I would have breastfed my baby boy for a year. Yay! I will surpass my own mother’s breastfeeding mark and my grandmother’s. But will still have to beat my great grandmother’s breastfeeding time who breastfed one of her sons for nine years (OMG)… I don’t know if my kid would like to get there, hehe.

I’be been through C-Section and through sickness. But still decided to breastfeed and nourish my child until he decides to stop.

If I let the nurses in NICU to exclusively feed my baby with formula, they wouldn’t have opposed to it. I even had to fight the C-Section pain to feed my baby boy. No regrets though. The bond we have, the communication between us…

When my little one wants to nurse he pats my breast or pulls my shirts, haha. He likes to breastfeed to sleep and I love to soothe him in my chest when he’s uncomfortable. I’m sure you do the same mama. And I want to congratulate you for your decision to breastfeed for as long as you wanted to mama. I can only recommend this to every mom to be and new mom. Because you fall in love with being a mother over and over again while observing your baby feeding from your breasts.

I’ve been under treatment for hyperthyroidism, and at first I found a doctor who didn’t support my desire to continue breastfeeding and I didn’t allow her to treat me. I was blessed to find my actual doctor who also breastfed her children and has supported me 100% with my decision, prescribing me medications that don’t represent a risk for my child.

I have to thank La Leche League’s consultant and leader Gretchen Rivera who has been the greatest advisor and support to me in this journey. As soon as I wrote to her on Facebook, she started helping me with literature about breastfeeding while taking certain medications. And I also consulted her about low milk supply which I experience while taking my prescriptions. If I continue on this wonderful experience, it’s because of this organization’s existence.

If you are experiencing doubt or any kind of insecurity in your breastfeeding journey, feel free and do not hesitate about contacting a La Leche League advisor. They can be your heroes.


Stay tuned for more about my journey and tips on this #breastfeedingweek !



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