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My first video! Introduction

Hi! This is me. The face behind this blog Watch the video, and say hi back! 😉 Hugs, Edaliz

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Cómo co existir con un nuevo bebé

Cuando cuidaba bien de una plantita en mi oficina, pensé que podía vivir por varios años de mi vida cuidando de un niño. Pero estaba equivocada. No tenía la más mínima idea de lo que pensaba, y no me fue tan bien al comienzo de mi jornada maternal. Sé que parezco pesimista y no es… Continue reading Cómo co existir con un nuevo bebé

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How to co exist with a baby as a new mommy

When I took good care of a plant at work, I thought I could live several years of my life taking care of a child. But, no. I was wrong. I didn't live that well while taking care of my baby. Now, I know this sounds pessimistic; and I don't mean to. It's just that… Continue reading How to co exist with a baby as a new mommy


Coke new flavors launch

We were so glad to join Coca Cola in their celebration for launching Cherry Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke flavors in Puerto Rico. We enjoyed a field day where Cherry Squad and Vanilla Orange Squad competed against each other. It was a friendly competition and all the bloggers that made it to the event enjoyed… Continue reading Coke new flavors launch

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La Escuela de una Mamá y ama de casa 24/7

Creo que cada una de nosotras mamás a tiempo completo y amas de casa, podemos abrir una escuela o crear un curso, sobre todo lo que hemos aprendido por el hecho de cuidar a nuestros hijos. Independientemente de cuánto tiempo llevemos haciéndolo. Yo personalmente, he aprendido algunas cosas que quiero compartir contigo y me encantaría… Continue reading La Escuela de una Mamá y ama de casa 24/7

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Stay At Home Mom School

I believe each one of us SAHMS could open a school or a course with all of the learnings we've got from taking care of our children exclusively for the period of time we've done it so far. I personally have learned a few things I want to share with you and would love to… Continue reading Stay At Home Mom School

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Grocery shopping in savings mode

Well, several weeks ago I promised my Instagram followers I would talk about this and it's about time. In Puerto Rico there aren't many coupon users, and I want to change that soon. But this blog post is about the steps I follow to go grocery shopping in a way that I save time at… Continue reading Grocery shopping in savings mode

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Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great day. I want to invite you to check this space tomorrow, because I will publish a new blog post with my tips for going grocery shopping in a more effective way. Hola! Espero que hayan tenido un gran día. ☺👌 Si no estás suscrit@ ami blog,… Continue reading Update!♡¡Actualización!

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Things I’ve learned as a new mom

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this type of blog post, but I assure you that there's always something new you can get from a different point of view. New moms like me always discover new things according to their generations...decades they live in too. Maybe you will resonate with me with the… Continue reading Things I’ve learned as a new mom

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A mom’s super quick power up●El super poder instantáneo de una mamá

Yeah...that's like in the video games. You hit the box and get and extra life of extra power instantly. When your child is not well or needs you for another hour of your crazy day, you suddenly develop an extra chunk of resistance. In that moment your sleepiness abandons your body and anything you were… Continue reading A mom’s super quick power up●El super poder instantáneo de una mamá

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Own your style mom●Sé dueña de tu estilo

As a woman I've always had my own style, my own personality and as a first time mother I'm constantly building my own values and principles, my methods. Some friends are gone and others have remained. But there's a common denominator in all this. I've never let the world define me or put me down… Continue reading Own your style mom●Sé dueña de tu estilo