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My first video! Introduction

Hi! This is me. The face behind this blog Watch the video, and say hi back! 😉 Hugs, Edaliz

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A tribute to my father figures

Fathers are so important... I think that having a father figure is relevant to anybody else's life, because they give us direction, a sense of wholesomeness, they make us feel accepted and they give us example. My father has always taught me to work hard, to persevere, to not give up. He's like my life… Continue reading A tribute to my father figures

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You have bloomed

• Prepregnancy ●Pregnant ○Post Partum •22 months Post Partum 🧚‍♀️ I thought I was better looking before motherhood. Then I looked at a few of my pictures and I felt in my spirit my inner voice telling me, "you have bloomed". 🥀🌹 . Never underestimate the power, the value and the beauty of what you… Continue reading You have bloomed

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A women and a mom that forgives herself

It is said that when you forgive somebody you're setting yourself free. The person that hurt you is living their life normally, while you keep on aching for not forgiving. The same thing happens when the one you don't forgive it's you. You're not free. When you forget to pack a change of clothes for… Continue reading A women and a mom that forgives herself

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Una mujer y una madre que se perdona a sí misma

Se dice que cuando perdonas a alguien consigues libertad. Si no perdonas, la persona sigue su vida normal y tú sigues con la herida por falta de perdón. Precisamente lo mismo ocurre cuando no te puedes perdonar. No eres libre. Cuando olvidas empacar un cambio de ropa adicional para tu bebé Cuando quemaste la comida… Continue reading Una mujer y una madre que se perdona a sí misma

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Ensalada de revoltillo

Ingredientes Uno o dos huevos Espinaca (tantas hojas como gustes) Una papa mediana (hervida) Mezcla los huevos con sal, pimienta negra y ajo en polvo. Añade la espinaca y vierte sobre una sartén a fuego mediano con aceite de oliva o tu mantequilla de preferencia. Una vez ya revolviste los huevos, añade la papa cortada… Continue reading Ensalada de revoltillo

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Scrambled eggs salad

Ingredients One or two eggs Spinach (as much leaves as you want) One medium potato (boiled) Mix the eggs with salt, black pepper and garlic powder. Add the spinach and pour in a medium heat pan with olive oil or butter. Once you scrambled your eggs, add the potato cut in chunks. Stir to make… Continue reading Scrambled eggs salad

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A guide for busy moms with dreams

Hi! It's been a while... I've been preparing something special for all of the moms who read me here. My first guide for first time moms, stay at home moms, working at home or outside of their homes, is available on Kindle by Amazon! For now this guide is only on Kindle; but I'm working… Continue reading A guide for busy moms with dreams

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Cómo co existir con un nuevo bebé

Cuando cuidaba bien de una plantita en mi oficina, pensé que podía vivir por varios años de mi vida cuidando de un niño. Pero estaba equivocada. No tenía la más mínima idea de lo que pensaba, y no me fue tan bien al comienzo de mi jornada maternal. Sé que parezco pesimista y no es… Continue reading Cómo co existir con un nuevo bebé

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How to co exist with a baby as a new mommy

When I took good care of a plant at work, I thought I could live several years of my life taking care of a child. But, no. I was wrong. I didn't live that well while taking care of my baby. Now, I know this sounds pessimistic; and I don't mean to. It's just that… Continue reading How to co exist with a baby as a new mommy


Coke new flavors launch

We were so glad to join Coca Cola in their celebration for launching Cherry Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke flavors in Puerto Rico. We enjoyed a field day where Cherry Squad and Vanilla Orange Squad competed against each other. It was a friendly competition and all the bloggers that made it to the event enjoyed… Continue reading Coke new flavors launch