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Enjoying babies at a distance keeps them healthy

When you go grocery shopping with your baby, how many people touch your baby’s cheeks, hands or feet? I bet at least two people do.

That’s my case friends. A few weeks ago I went to the supermarket for our monthly grocery shopping. A lady pinched my baby’s cheeks and he was very serious (ha ha). I laugh now but, come on! When you go to the supermarket you touch fruits and vegetables that are visibly dirty, because the racks they’re on are not clean.

You touch the meat packages with dripping blood and that’s obviously contaminated. Salmonella can spread just because you scratch your eyes, or sucked your fingers, (to put an example). Imagine what could happen when you touch a baby’s hands or feet, which they usually suck or bite because they’re teething…

I know babies are cute, and huggable, and you want to squeeze them even when they’re not related to you. But please take care of these little ones by not touching them no matter where you are. What if a baby with a low inmune system gets sick because you touched her after touching a bathroom’s sink or doorknob, then you went to the market or the pharmacy, saw the baby and couldn’t just look with your eyes? That’s what I’m talking about. I’m not trying to be a pest or an antisocial mom. But motherhood makes me think of ways I can protect my child and avoid doctor visits if it’s preventable.

Tips to keep baby’s hands clean:

  1. I use a shopping cart cover
  2. Clean baby’s hands with a wipe or an organic hand sanitizer specifically designed for all membersbof the family, including babies of 6 months+

Do you agree with me? Have you encountered the same situation? Let me know in the comments section!

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