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To my Puertorican brothers and sisters|A mis herman@s puertorriqueños

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Puerto Rican Christmas in 12 highlights

Hi everyone! I hope you've had a great time this holiday season, lighting up Christmas trees, wrapping gifts, spending time with family and friends, doing everything you love. For those of you who wonder how Christmas is spent in Puerto Rico, I want to share with you how we do it and what I like… Continue reading Puerto Rican Christmas in 12 highlights

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Jugando a aprender

Ayer tuve una mañana muy refrescante con mi bebé y otras mamás en el área de San Juan, rodeadas de jardines y del olor a mar que está muy cerca del lugar. Participamos del taller Juguemos a Aprender de Educa Creativo. Brenda C. Ortiz quien está a cargo de la iniciativa, nos brindó herramientas a… Continue reading Jugando a aprender

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First time mom in the middle of a hurricane

I never thought I would live to tell my child I experienced two devastating hurricanes (first, hurricane Georges in '98). I had just become his mother and I had to learn to take care of a newborn while dealing with the consequences of a category 4 hurricane that covered all of Puerto Rico, my Island.… Continue reading First time mom in the middle of a hurricane