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A mother and a son without a golden hour

When I went to birth lessons, I was told that the golden hour after birth should be respected. That a mother and a child should have physical contact inmediately and if the mother wants to breastfeed that would be great too. Three years ago I was robbed of that experience because I had a C… Continue reading A mother and a son without a golden hour

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Accepting my life’s metamorphosis|Aceptar la metamorfosis de mi vida

Changes...I hated to see this picture in my memories two weeks ago. I used to enjoy modeling as a hobby, working and I thought I had my sh** together at home. But I was so far from the truth. Now that I am a mom not only my body changed, but my lifestyle did too.… Continue reading Accepting my life’s metamorphosis|Aceptar la metamorfosis de mi vida

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Postpartum challenge

This is me a few days postpartum. I never thought my life would change so drastically after giving birth. Specially when my pregnancy was so healthy. My hormones made me a bag of weird symptoms, moody, and weak. But my desire to take good care of my child, to enjoy my life and my growing… Continue reading Postpartum challenge

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First time mom in the middle of a hurricane

I never thought I would live to tell my child I experienced two devastating hurricanes (first, hurricane Georges in '98). I had just become his mother and I had to learn to take care of a newborn while dealing with the consequences of a category 4 hurricane that covered all of Puerto Rico, my Island.… Continue reading First time mom in the middle of a hurricane

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My postpartum journey

Yes I had a big baby bump at 4 months of gestation. But I loved it. Now this baby boy keeps me fit💪😉 and pushes me to forget postpartum health issues. I'm sure someday (SOON) God will give me the priviledge to say I'm healthier and I will share my story. 🙏

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A postpartum experience

How was your postpartum experience? Do others in you family helped you and your spouse? Did you have paid maternity leave? What do you think about postpartum traditions and costumes?