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Postpartum wishes

I always wished to look thin, after giving birth; but I ended up developing a hyperthyroid. That's why I'm skinny. Is it fun? Nope. But the most important thing is that I'll live. 💪 .So if you wish to be like any mama postpartum, think it twice. Your story is valuable, because it can be… Continue reading Postpartum wishes

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Postpartum challenge

This is me a few days postpartum. I never thought my life would change so drastically after giving birth. Specially when my pregnancy was so healthy. My hormones made me a bag of weird symptoms, moody, and weak. But my desire to take good care of my child, to enjoy my life and my growing… Continue reading Postpartum challenge

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My postpartum journey

Yes I had a big baby bump at 4 months of gestation. But I loved it. Now this baby boy keeps me fit💪😉 and pushes me to forget postpartum health issues. I'm sure someday (SOON) God will give me the priviledge to say I'm healthier and I will share my story. 🙏