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Por amor/For love

Un angelito en la arena. 🏖😇 Donde me crié mi mamá siempre recibe alagos por la forma en que me crió a mí y a mis hermanos. Cuando salgo por ahí ya recibo alagos porque mi hijo es bien portado, y digonpara mis adentros: "todo lo que me falta enseñarle y lo que me falta… Continue reading Por amor/For love

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What no corporate job will give the world [Lo que ningún trabajo corporativo le dará al mundo]

I'll continue to do what really matters in life. To raise my child with love, empathy, to nourish his dreams and purpose. This job though it won't make me wealthy financially, it will add priceless resources to this world. I will make our dreams happen and the credit will be God's only. The people who… Continue reading What no corporate job will give the world [Lo que ningún trabajo corporativo le dará al mundo]

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A tribute to my father figures

Fathers are so important... I think that having a father figure is relevant to anybody else's life, because they give us direction, a sense of wholesomeness, they make us feel accepted and they give us example. My father has always taught me to work hard, to persevere, to not give up. He's like my life… Continue reading A tribute to my father figures

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Stay At Home Mom School

I believe each one of us SAHMS could open a school or a course with all of the learnings we've got from taking care of our children exclusively for the period of time we've done it so far. I personally have learned a few things I want to share with you and would love to… Continue reading Stay At Home Mom School

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When a stranger shares an unsolicited parenting opinion

I never intervene when I see a mother correcting her child. That makes her look infront of the kid as if she is the wrong doer.

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A divine stay at home mom and many other hats worn

She is Yadira Díaz. Mother of three, just the number she ever asked for. A teacher of profession, family fashion designer and modist, a brave women who despite being away from her family, in another town and divorced she never gave up her dream of being a successful mom. From left to right my brother,… Continue reading A divine stay at home mom and many other hats worn


What do you do when you find out?

It wasn't too fancy. I was in a public bathroom, at work, but I wanted to know. I truly desired to find out if my dream was actually alive, as I hoped it would be around that time. And suddenly, two pink lines appeared on the pregnancy test... At that exact moment, I started shaking,… Continue reading What do you do when you find out?