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Just chill mom. |Mamá, solo cálmate.

Just chill mom. . Sometimes we take more than we can chew affecting our lives and those around us. Today I messed up. Of course I ended up playing with this little one and cuddling to sleep, but oh I was crazy today. Earthquakes, my family in the peril zone and me stressed but trying… Continue reading Just chill mom. |Mamá, solo cálmate.

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Things I’ve learned as a new mom

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this type of blog post, but I assure you that there's always something new you can get from a different point of view. New moms like me always discover new things according to their generations...decades they live in too. Maybe you will resonate with me with the… Continue reading Things I’ve learned as a new mom

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Be the influencer your child needs

Today a friend of mine posted a quote that said something like this and I'll paraphrase it: Be a light for those who stopped shining because they lost their will to shine. Then, a friend of hers said in the comment section: "Don't tell me that I'm supposed to carry other people". 🙄 That made… Continue reading Be the influencer your child needs