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A mother’s pride and priviledge

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A Mother’s Joy Series|La Felicidad de Mamá (Serie) 1/24/2020

Oh yes! Are you with me on this one? Haha!I'll be sharing more of these on my Instagram account. So if you are an insta person, hed over there and let's stay in touch!Happy Friday!~Edaliz¡Totalmente! ¿Estás de acuerdo conmigo en esta?Estaré compartiendo más de estas frases en mi Instagram. Así que si eres una ibsta… Continue reading A Mother’s Joy Series|La Felicidad de Mamá (Serie) 1/24/2020

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You have bloomed

• Prepregnancy ●Pregnant ○Post Partum •22 months Post Partum 🧚‍♀️ I thought I was better looking before motherhood. Then I looked at a few of my pictures and I felt in my spirit my inner voice telling me, "you have bloomed". 🥀🌹 . Never underestimate the power, the value and the beauty of what you… Continue reading You have bloomed

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A mom’s super quick power up●El super poder instantáneo de una mamá

Yeah...that's like in the video games. You hit the box and get and extra life of extra power instantly. When your child is not well or needs you for another hour of your crazy day, you suddenly develop an extra chunk of resistance. In that moment your sleepiness abandons your body and anything you were… Continue reading A mom’s super quick power up●El super poder instantáneo de una mamá

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It is not sinful for a mother to have some “me” time

Today I enjoyed a great mental spa/brainstorming with my new friend and colleague @tallandsassybyangiem . 🙏😊 I wish I had more "me" moments. Don't you? Hoy disfruté de un spa mental/reunión para organizar ideas con mi nueva amiga y colega Angie de Tall & Sassy By Angie M. 😁👌 Fue un tiempo muy productivo. Gracias… Continue reading It is not sinful for a mother to have some “me” time

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Life is long. Oh yes.

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Be the influencer your child needs

Today a friend of mine posted a quote that said something like this and I'll paraphrase it: Be a light for those who stopped shining because they lost their will to shine. Then, a friend of hers said in the comment section: "Don't tell me that I'm supposed to carry other people". 🙄 That made… Continue reading Be the influencer your child needs