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Motherhood, a piece of cake? |La maternidad,¿pan comido?

One of the tasks we all have as human beings is to face hardship or bad days in general with a smile on our faces and a triumphant perspective. Afterall, no difficulty is eternal. All of us moms regardless of our socio economic status or lifestyle know that motherhood is not a piece of cake.… Continue reading Motherhood, a piece of cake? |La maternidad,¿pan comido?

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You got this too mama

I have no idea how my mother made it divorced with two kids. I have a husband that works long hours and I'm a full time mom/housewife, working to bless my men at home and it's hard. I have no nanny, no day care, no spa breaks (I rather do my nails myself; it' so… Continue reading You got this too mama

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You have bloomed

• Prepregnancy ●Pregnant ○Post Partum •22 months Post Partum 🧚‍♀️ I thought I was better looking before motherhood. Then I looked at a few of my pictures and I felt in my spirit my inner voice telling me, "you have bloomed". 🥀🌹 . Never underestimate the power, the value and the beauty of what you… Continue reading You have bloomed

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A guide for busy moms with dreams

Hi! It's been a while... I've been preparing something special for all of the moms who read me here. My first guide for first time moms, stay at home moms, working at home or outside of their homes, is available on Kindle by Amazon! For now this guide is only on Kindle; but I'm working… Continue reading A guide for busy moms with dreams