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There’s no proof that C-Sections are the cause of autism or ADHD

I'm very concerned about the fact that some blogs have spread the news of the study that indicated that "C-Sections are the cause for autism and ADHD". But, my fellow bloggers, let's read about the whole scientific study. In reality, they state that C-Sections are statistically related to this disorders, but is not the reason.… Continue reading There’s no proof that C-Sections are the cause of autism or ADHD

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El cuidado prenatal es vital para prevenir o tratar la Spina Bifida

Si no hubiera sabido de antemano que yo padecía de Spina Bifida Occulta, mi ginecólogo obstetra no hubiera tenido un cuidado especial para tomar medidas preventivas y tratamiento de ser necesario para mi bebé.

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Prenatal care to prevent or treat Spina Bifida accordingly is vital

Should I hadn't found out that I had Spina Bifida Occulta, I wouldn't have had taken the proper prevention measures to protect my baby from this condition. Even though genetics could be a determining factor in having SB, also the environment in which a baby is developing contributes.