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Celébrate.Celebrate yourself!

¿Para qué castigarte con la culpa y el ideal de lo que quisieras que pasara? Muévete por amor a ti y a tu familia en medio del caos diario y vas a triunfar. Why punishing yourself with guilt or the ideal of how you'd like things to happen? Perform your duties with love for yourself… Continue reading Celébrate.Celebrate yourself!

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Por amor/For love

Un angelito en la arena. 🏖😇 Donde me crié mi mamá siempre recibe alagos por la forma en que me crió a mí y a mis hermanos. Cuando salgo por ahí ya recibo alagos porque mi hijo es bien portado, y digonpara mis adentros: "todo lo que me falta enseñarle y lo que me falta… Continue reading Por amor/For love

Bienestar de mamá, empowerment for moms, Español, familia, Family, frases de maternidad, Mom's wellbeing, Motherhood, motherhood quotes, motivación para mamá

A reminder for all moms in quarantine

❤She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25 NLT 🙏🏻A reminder that I don't live by what I see but I walk by faith. 👩‍👦 . I too have felt like losing it in this pandemic. But I also get reminded that this too shall pass.👭Let's… Continue reading A reminder for all moms in quarantine

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Postpartum challenge

This is me a few days postpartum. I never thought my life would change so drastically after giving birth. Specially when my pregnancy was so healthy. My hormones made me a bag of weird symptoms, moody, and weak. But my desire to take good care of my child, to enjoy my life and my growing… Continue reading Postpartum challenge

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Things I’ve learned as a new mom

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this type of blog post, but I assure you that there's always something new you can get from a different point of view. New moms like me always discover new things according to their generations...decades they live in too. Maybe you will resonate with me with the… Continue reading Things I’ve learned as a new mom

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Own your style mom●Sé dueña de tu estilo

As a woman I've always had my own style, my own personality and as a first time mother I'm constantly building my own values and principles, my methods. Some friends are gone and others have remained. But there's a common denominator in all this. I've never let the world define me or put me down… Continue reading Own your style mom●Sé dueña de tu estilo