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Wear the love hat• Usa el sombrero del amor

It's a clichè phrase. But "love is the answer". 🤷🏻‍♀️💞Are you tired, worried, too stressed to keep up with everything and everyone? Choose love. Take care of yourself and your loved ones first. Avoid being overwhelmed by the things that can wait or ask for help! But friend; just love. And your strength, your health,… Continue reading Wear the love hat• Usa el sombrero del amor

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Happy Thanksgiving from Us!

Grateful for this little family, for this first year of motherhood and it's challenges, the victories and the dreams to come true, by God's grace. Last but not least, thank YOU for spending your time with me through my writing. ♡ Happy Thanksgiving to all parents out there doing their best for their precious children.… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving from Us!