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An everlasting Christmas gift

After God they're my gift of love for all year long. 🎄❤🎁This is Christmas Después de Dios ellos son mi regalo de amor para todo el año. Esto es Navidad🎄🎁❤

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A half nice Holiday

I hope you have enjoyed Christmastime as much as I promised myself and my family that I would, even though I only had half a nice Holiday with the ones I love.  Unforeseen mishaps are inevitable. But somehow I saw what would happen this Christmas. I had a guest coming for the holidays and even… Continue reading A half nice Holiday

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Puerto Rican Christmas in 12 highlights

Hi everyone! I hope you've had a great time this holiday season, lighting up Christmas trees, wrapping gifts, spending time with family and friends, doing everything you love. For those of you who wonder how Christmas is spent in Puerto Rico, I want to share with you how we do it and what I like… Continue reading Puerto Rican Christmas in 12 highlights