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A mom that gives birth to dreams

Belkys Perez is a very gifted mother of three young adults. Gibran, Yoanna and Valeria. She's given them her love and care and continues to do so while supporting them at making their dreams happen. Being a mother has been and is the most beautiful and enriching experience I've had in my life. God has… Continue reading A mom that gives birth to dreams

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Our babies trust us

It is so wonderful and supernatural how our children trust us, their parents. I love it when I put my baby to sleep and he opens his eyes to see that I'm there and goes back to sleep. He knows I'm taking care of him. When it's meal time and he opens his mouth willingly… Continue reading Our babies trust us

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Three Kings Day, Día de Reyes

Today it was a Holiday for us in Puerto Rico. Our Three Kings Day or Día de Reyes is observed in remembrance of the wise men that gave gifts to baby Jesus. Kids enjoy this celebration as they receive gifts too. So they get Christmas presents and Three Kings Day presents.  I'm so thankful that… Continue reading Three Kings Day, Día de Reyes

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Happy New Years Eve!