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For a guilt and shame free parenthood

🤷🏻‍♀️I know he will grow and he won't remember the things I did for him as a baby, the sleepless nights or the sacrifices. I know he won't be as noisy or needy when he grows up.  🙄But it doesn't mean that I have to burst from inside out hiding my exhaustion or my emotions… Continue reading For a guilt and shame free parenthood

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Stop selling natural birth and the C-Section|Dejen de vender el parto natural y la cesárea

Some women will be blessed with a natural (vaginal) birth, while others will go to the operation room for a c-section. But they are desperate to meet their babies, regardless of the way they have to come into this world. It is imperative that scholars in the area of medicine, psychology, any other professional, bloggers… Continue reading Stop selling natural birth and the C-Section|Dejen de vender el parto natural y la cesárea

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Mom issues Part 1

You are growing so fast little man...😫😭💙❤ ... Estás creciendo tan rápido hombrecito...😢😭😭😭💙❤

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My imperfect motherhood pt1

I know some days you sit and think: "there's so much I need to improve on my motherhood capabilities, the way I do things at home to take care for my loved ones..." I am there with you everyday. When I think I've had it all under control, I leave some detail behind and sometimes… Continue reading My imperfect motherhood pt1