Priceless 7 months

Today my lovely boy turned 7 months old. What I've gone through this entire season it's a long story. But I know I'm wayyy blessed. And I don't regret living this experience. On the bright side, I never gained weight from pregnancy. On the gray side(šŸ’)I've lost so much weight I don't even resemble the… Continue reading Priceless 7 months

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Do you breastfeed asleep?

I know very few of you would say yes. Because having your baby in your arms when you breastfeed him/her at night means you have to stay very much awake to supply your little one's every need. So that brings me to the real subject here.  Falling back asleep can be very hard after the… Continue reading Do you breastfeed asleep?


It’ll never be the sameĀ 

When I found out that I was pregnant I knew that so many things would change; and they did. But it was for my own good and my baby's wellbeing. So...this was my drill and it definitely worked!  First, let me tell you that you should follow your doctor's advice and know your body to… Continue reading It’ll never be the sameĀ