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There’s no proof that C-Sections are the cause of autism or ADHD

I'm very concerned about the fact that some blogs have spread the news of the study that indicated that "C-Sections are the cause for autism and ADHD". But, my fellow bloggers, let's read about the whole scientific study. In reality, they state that C-Sections are statistically related to this disorders, but is not the reason.… Continue reading There’s no proof that C-Sections are the cause of autism or ADHD

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Happy Grandparents Day!

In honor of all of my son's grandparents and mine. Thank you for your love, for the laughter, the times when you took care of me and now I'll see this blessing falling upon my son. Dad, mom, an additional grandma my son won, my stepfather, my in-laws and my grandparents. May we continue to… Continue reading Happy Grandparents Day!

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What seems new it’s more fun

Hiding some toys from my son after he's gotten tired of them works wonders. Today I decided to take out a couple of them and voilá! It worked! He loved playing again with his hedgehog from Learning Resources and a steering wheel from VTec. Have you done the same with tour kids? Esconder algunos juguetes… Continue reading What seems new it’s more fun

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An elixir for mom’s skin

Well, I hope you guys forgive me for not writing in a long time. I've been having writer's block for quite a while, and I will talk about the reason later. But now I want to tell you about one of my beauty secrets I had abandoned because I also abandoned myself. Shame on this… Continue reading An elixir for mom’s skin

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To all breastfeeding mommys and future moms|A todas las mamás lactantes y a las futuras mamis

23 months and 3 weeks of nurturing my son and knowing that when this journey is finished, I would've done it for us; not because somebody told me to. My experience has been victorious, because when he was in NICU, they told me to rest and let them do the job, but I decided to… Continue reading To all breastfeeding mommys and future moms|A todas las mamás lactantes y a las futuras mamis

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Puertoricans made History|Los Puertorriqueñoshacen Historia

On the day we celebrate our Constitution, Puertoricans claim is heard and the Governor resigns

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To my Puertorican brothers and sisters|A mis herman@s puertorriqueños

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Postpartum challenge

This is me a few days postpartum. I never thought my life would change so drastically after giving birth. Specially when my pregnancy was so healthy. My hormones made me a bag of weird symptoms, moody, and weak. But my desire to take good care of my child, to enjoy my life and my growing… Continue reading Postpartum challenge

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El Reto Del Posparto

Esta soy yo algunos días posparto. Yo nunca pensé que mi vida cambiaría drásticamente al parir. Especialmente cuando mi embarazo fue tan saludable. Mis hormonas me convirtieron en un saco de síntomas raros, cambios constantes de estado de ánimo, y debilidad. Pero mi deseo de cuidar bien de mi cría, de disfrutar mi vida y… Continue reading El Reto Del Posparto

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Solo será bebé una vez

A dos meses de que mi pequeño amor cumpla dos años, me paso recordando cuán ansiosa estaba de ver su rostro, de abrazarlo, besarlo, verlo sonreír, jugar con él y disfrutar la vida mientras lo veo crecer. Suelo llorar por el tiempo transcurrido, y me parece que fue ayer cuando lo vi tan pequeño entre… Continue reading Solo será bebé una vez