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Our babies trust us

It is so wonderful and supernatural how our children trust us, their parents. I love it when I put my baby to sleep and he opens his eyes to see that I'm there and goes back to sleep. He knows I'm taking care of him. When it's meal time and he opens his mouth willingly… Continue reading Our babies trust us

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A postpartum experience

How was your postpartum experience? Do others in you family helped you and your spouse? Did you have paid maternity leave? What do you think about postpartum traditions and costumes?


A power blend to boost you inmune system

Hi! I want to share a family recipe that we drink when the flu threats us in our surroundings. Since we mothers give our all to take care of the house and the little ones, it's very important that we guard our health as much as possible. Here are the ingredients: Carrot (if its big… Continue reading A power blend to boost you inmune system