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The wait that pays well

The lesson I learned while I was explaining to my son that he had to wait for his tablet to turn on. You have to wait. Because when you wait you get what's right and good for you. Because when we wait, it approaches us to the main goal through the right path. And delivers… Continue reading The wait that pays well

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A glimpse of my future (hopefully)

Crossing fingers for him to want to help me in a near future. Do your kids love their mop and broom? ... ... Cruzando los dedos para que me quiera ayudar en un futuro no muy lejano. ¿A tus hijos también les gusta jugar con el mapo y la escoba?

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How I’ve learned the importance of respecting my child’s development needs

Something I've learned as a first time mom is that you have to let your child show you what is that they want to do; because that's the area they need to develop. And so I've read from child's development professionals too. Everyday I offer my son to play specific learning games or do certain… Continue reading How I’ve learned the importance of respecting my child’s development needs

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10 free Christmas gifts for your kids|10 regalos de Navidad gratis para tus niños

Make a memorable Christmas for your children with these 10 free gifts. (Haz de esta Navidad una memorable para tus niños, con estos 1o regalos gratis)

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What seems new it’s more fun

Hiding some toys from my son after he's gotten tired of them works wonders. Today I decided to take out a couple of them and voilá! It worked! He loved playing again with his hedgehog from Learning Resources and a steering wheel from VTec. Have you done the same with tour kids? Esconder algunos juguetes… Continue reading What seems new it’s more fun