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Quarantine DIY haircut

💇🏻‍♀️New look! I would've kept my long hair if I hadn't been shedding (LOL) for about two months now.😝But one of hyperthyroidism's symptoms is hairloss; and it was torturing me. It'll grow back stronger when my thyroid stabilizes. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the Summer heat with this DIY cut. 🧜🏼‍♀️🌊🙏🏻Please forgive me hair salon professionals. ~Edaliz… Continue reading Quarantine DIY haircut

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You have bloomed

• Prepregnancy ●Pregnant ○Post Partum •22 months Post Partum 🧚‍♀️ I thought I was better looking before motherhood. Then I looked at a few of my pictures and I felt in my spirit my inner voice telling me, "you have bloomed". 🥀🌹 . Never underestimate the power, the value and the beauty of what you… Continue reading You have bloomed

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A guide for busy moms with dreams

Hi! It's been a while... I've been preparing something special for all of the moms who read me here. My first guide for first time moms, stay at home moms, working at home or outside of their homes, is available on Kindle by Amazon! For now this guide is only on Kindle; but I'm working… Continue reading A guide for busy moms with dreams

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Things I’ve learned as a new mom

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this type of blog post, but I assure you that there's always something new you can get from a different point of view. New moms like me always discover new things according to their generations...decades they live in too. Maybe you will resonate with me with the… Continue reading Things I’ve learned as a new mom

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Minimalist Babe: Keeping it Simple

Looking back, I wish I could have known what I know now. I would have saved a lot of money and time decluttering and organizing.

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My first video! Introduction

Hi! This is me. The face behind this blog Watch the video, and say hi back! 😉 Hugs, Edaliz

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Summer pregnancy survival guide

None of my outfits were maternity wear. I adapted my closet with plus size clothing and I always looked and felt trendy in my babybump figure.

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New pre walker boots

Do you have a favorite shoe brand for your little one? I just found my first one. 🙌💃 My baby is trying to stand up on his own (tired of being held by me or his daddy and not interested in crawling so much)🤣. So I've been looking everywhere for stability and comfortability boots that… Continue reading New pre walker boots

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My story shared by local inspirational brand for women

Many thanks to @mujercitaspr for sharing my story as part of their posts series, "Empoderadas". (Empowered) [REPOST]: "I'm a wife, mother, writer and blogger. Currently I have the pleasure and the priviledge to take care of my baby exclusively. I also seek to learn each day and to enjoy my motherhood process the most, and… Continue reading My story shared by local inspirational brand for women

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Say shoes!

I was supposed to take a shower while hubby took care of the baby, but I never modeled these to myself. 🤣 ...So😘📸👌 Say shoes!