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Motherhood, a piece of cake? |La maternidad,¿pan comido?

One of the tasks we all have as human beings is to face hardship or bad days in general with a smile on our faces and a triumphant perspective. Afterall, no difficulty is eternal. All of us moms regardless of our socio economic status or lifestyle know that motherhood is not a piece of cake.… Continue reading Motherhood, a piece of cake? |La maternidad,¿pan comido?

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Trying to be a supermom after an earthquake

Yes. We say we're supermoms and most of the time we are.But we're also humans. We can only take precaution measures. 🙏🏻 Let's take cover in the faith each of us believe, in our families and closest friends in these moments when we need strength and might to provide our children with a sense of… Continue reading Trying to be a supermom after an earthquake

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10 free Christmas gifts for your kids|10 regalos de Navidad gratis para tus niños

Make a memorable Christmas for your children with these 10 free gifts. (Haz de esta Navidad una memorable para tus niños, con estos 1o regalos gratis)

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What seems new it’s more fun

Hiding some toys from my son after he's gotten tired of them works wonders. Today I decided to take out a couple of them and voilá! It worked! He loved playing again with his hedgehog from Learning Resources and a steering wheel from VTec. Have you done the same with tour kids? Esconder algunos juguetes… Continue reading What seems new it’s more fun