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Puerto Rican Christmas in 12 highlights

Hi everyone! I hope you've had a great time this holiday season, lighting up Christmas trees, wrapping gifts, spending time with family and friends, doing everything you love. For those of you who wonder how Christmas is spent in Puerto Rico, I want to share with you how we do it and what I like… Continue reading Puerto Rican Christmas in 12 highlights

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A simple way to split Christmas

I will give you a few tips on how to split the holidays in different scenarios

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The non toys Christmas gifts for a one year old

My husband and I started to think of things we or our relatives could give him this Christmas that weren't toys and here's a list, in case you happen to be in our shoes:

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Minimalist Babe: Keeping it Simple

Looking back, I wish I could have known what I know now. I would have saved a lot of money and time decluttering and organizing.

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Follow to get your life balance

In real life, people say you are the type of people you hang out with. In cyber life, who you follow determines how you live or try to live. Do you agree? Well, psychological and social studies show that in this era those who use social media end up depressed because of what other people's… Continue reading Follow to get your life balance

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It is not sinful for a mother to have some “me” time

Today I enjoyed a great mental spa/brainstorming with my new friend and colleague @tallandsassybyangiem . 🙏😊 I wish I had more "me" moments. Don't you? Hoy disfruté de un spa mental/reunión para organizar ideas con mi nueva amiga y colega Angie de Tall & Sassy By Angie M. 😁👌 Fue un tiempo muy productivo. Gracias… Continue reading It is not sinful for a mother to have some “me” time

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Mi imperfecta maternidad (Parte 1)

Sé que algunos días te sientas a pensar: "qué mucho tengo que mejorar mis capacidades como madre, la manera en que hago las cosas para cuidar de mis seres amados en casa..." Estoy en tus zapatos todos los días. Cuando pienso que lo tengo todo bajo control, olvido algún detalle y me llega hasta la… Continue reading Mi imperfecta maternidad (Parte 1)

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Happy Thanksgiving from Us!

Grateful for this little family, for this first year of motherhood and it's challenges, the victories and the dreams to come true, by God's grace. Last but not least, thank YOU for spending your time with me through my writing. ♡ Happy Thanksgiving to all parents out there doing their best for their precious children.… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving from Us!

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Essentials for a little trip with babies

Hey there! Since the holidays are very close now, I wanted to share with you what I do carry with me when traveling with my little one to see my grandparents for a day or visiting my in-laws for the weekend. 3 outfits -two onesies -one shirt and pants -3 to 6 pairs of socks… Continue reading Essentials for a little trip with babies

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How to soothe my teething baby with no medication

BREASTDFEEDING: When babies are uncomfortable, they love to nurse. It has helped a lot to nurse my baby while his gums bother him. You don't have to medicate your baby, unless there's something that you couldn't solve on your own and the pediatrician had to come to your baby's aid.