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Spinach wrap, chick pea quesadilla

Hi! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Now I'm going to share with you one of my life savers for lunch, for me and my boy. If you try it, I'd love to read your comment! Ingredients One spinach wrap 1/2 chick pea can (smashed) Garlic powder 1 teaspoon of olive oil Mixed shredded cheese… Continue reading Spinach wrap, chick pea quesadilla

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Banana & Peanut Butter Balls for a healthy snack●Bolitas de banana y mantequilla de maní para merendar

Hi! It's been a while since I posted easy recipes here. So today it's a rainy day and I motivated myself to do something different for my toddler and I to snack on. Ingredients: 1 riped banana 1/2 cup of ground multigrain cereal 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter Chia seeds Procedure: I smashed the banana… Continue reading Banana & Peanut Butter Balls for a healthy snack●Bolitas de banana y mantequilla de maní para merendar

Cocina, easy recipes, Mom's Kitchen, Motherhood, Recetas fáciles

Ensalada de revoltillo

Ingredientes Uno o dos huevos Espinaca (tantas hojas como gustes) Una papa mediana (hervida) Mezcla los huevos con sal, pimienta negra y ajo en polvo. Añade la espinaca y vierte sobre una sartén a fuego mediano con aceite de oliva o tu mantequilla de preferencia. Una vez ya revolviste los huevos, añade la papa cortada… Continue reading Ensalada de revoltillo

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Scrambled eggs salad

Ingredients One or two eggs Spinach (as much leaves as you want) One medium potato (boiled) Mix the eggs with salt, black pepper and garlic powder. Add the spinach and pour in a medium heat pan with olive oil or butter. Once you scrambled your eggs, add the potato cut in chunks. Stir to make… Continue reading Scrambled eggs salad

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Juicy canoes for dinner

Mess free recipes don't have to be boring. Today I want you to include my Juicy Canoes in your dinner recipes. ☺ What do you need? Two ripe plantains Two boneless chicken breasts Smashed garlic or garlic powder 1 tbs Your butter of preference Oil (Vegetable, canola, corn, coconut...(your choice!) Shredded cheese FIRST Put a… Continue reading Juicy canoes for dinner

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Jugosas canoas para cenar

Las recetas libres de desorden no tienen porque ser aburridas. Hoy quiero que añadas a tu recetario mi receta de jugosas canoas. ☺   ¿Qué necesitas? Dos plátanos maduros (amarillos como los conoce mucha gente) Dos pechugas de pollo sin hueso Ajos machacados o ajo en polvo 1cda de mantequilla de tu preferencia Aceite (Vegetal,… Continue reading Jugosas canoas para cenar

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Quick lunch bowl for moms on the run

The last two weeks I had relatives visiting and my baby boy's birthday for which I never had time to eat big meals. But I always ate continuosly, because I still breastfeed my baby. Yesterday I made this delicious crunchy chicken potato and raisins bowl, and here's how. 1 chicken breast 3 small baked potatos… Continue reading Quick lunch bowl for moms on the run

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Alimentación saludable en el embarazo durante el verano

Descubrí que estaba embarazada en diciembre. Pero di a luz a mi bebé en agosto. Mi bebé topetón fue más grande en el verano. Días cálidos, tropicales y caribeños que pueden hacer que cualquier persona pierda el sudor durante todo el día. Lo que me mantuvo con vida durante los últimos 2 meses fue comer… Continue reading Alimentación saludable en el embarazo durante el verano

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Healthy eating through a summer pregnancy

I found out I was pregnant in December. But I gave birth to my baby boy in August. My baby bump was bigger in the Summer. Hot, tropical, Caribbean days that can make anyone dissapear from sweating all day long. What kept me alive during the last 2 months, was eating plenty of fruits rich… Continue reading Healthy eating through a summer pregnancy

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My strategies for being a successful stay at home mom

"all I could do was apply the reading I did before he was born, pray that I didn't lose my mind trying to be a mother, a wife and a professional. I cut the last one from my current lifestyle".