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You have bloomed

• Prepregnancy ●Pregnant ○Post Partum •22 months Post Partum 🧚‍♀️ I thought I was better looking before motherhood. Then I looked at a few of my pictures and I felt in my spirit my inner voice telling me, "you have bloomed". 🥀🌹 . Never underestimate the power, the value and the beauty of what you… Continue reading You have bloomed

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A women and a mom that forgives herself

It is said that when you forgive somebody you're setting yourself free. The person that hurt you is living their life normally, while you keep on aching for not forgiving. The same thing happens when the one you don't forgive it's you. You're not free. When you forget to pack a change of clothes for… Continue reading A women and a mom that forgives herself