About the Author: Edaliz

Born in the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, I am the oldest of 4 siblings, and a graduate in Communications with a Masters Degree in Media Writing. I am the author of Padres y Madres 101, a magazine prototype about parenting. Besides writing as my passion, I work as freelance social media specialist, while taking care of my baby boy at home; because I believe I will do it better than anyone else.

In my spare time, I love shopping with my husband the modern way, through www.amazon.com and enjoy binge watching anime and other TV shows. I also enjoy sending good vibes with inspirational quotes to my friends through txt messaging or Facebook. Other hobbies: I read, write, and listen to music. Yes, I do chores and like cooking, and most of the time I make sure that my baby is well fed, rested and happy; because that’s what I’m passionate about. And of making of our house a peaceful home for our hearts, acknowledging God’s love as our center.