About Mom Does It Better

When I started writing about parenting I didn’t even have the tiniest idea of what I was talking about; but it was homework. Yes. I had to defend my masters degree in communications, with a written work. At first, I thought of elaborating a fashion magazine since I was an aspiring model and all about the industry was fresh in my mind. But then the idea of being too clichè assaulted my mind, because there are hundreds of fashion magazines out there and I wanted something new. So I made a parenting magazine with the help of an advertising agency and a publisher. Long story short, the magazine’s sample is at the university’s library for all to enjoy, and I got my degree from developing a topic that became my passion.

The only inconvenience was that I wasn’t a mother and the subjects I fiercefully defended wouldn’t have credibility if I put my single, non motherly face out there. Today I welcome you to this new adventure/journey of mine living motherhood in my own flesh and blood. I’m going to share my stories and will do my best to give you some advice on best practices, tools and mindsets that I’ve adopted to enjoy this new phase in my life to the fullest. Welcome again!



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