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First time Kindergartener mom: Sick of a sick semester

Honestly, I have no idea who will be reading this (if someone will be seeking for words like these). But I need to vent about this first semester as a kindergarten mom with a sick kiddo all the time. And include me! Ever since this school year started my son has gotten sick every week. Or there has never been a week when his nose has been clean at all.

I like to presume that my child has been very healthy during his first years. I breastfed him for five years. I feed him healthy foods and give him his vitamins everyday. What else is there to do??? I’m desperate. Tonight my son is breathing better than most nights. But sometimes he finds it difficult to sleep because he is so congested. Last year we got Covid and it didn’t go as bad or as longer as this. It’s crazy. Because if most of my son’s classmates are sick, they will continue to spread the viruses and bacterias. But since Covid affected schools and businesses so much, they don’t close them anymore. I don’t know what’s worse.

I have to work from home everyday and I can’t homeschool, because I have talent, but not the patience ( haha). I wish I could just keep my kid in a bubble, but that not fair for a human being that is just getting to know the world. Well… I have nothing else to say except that I sympathize with the families that have sick babies and children. I really pray this respiratory virus season come to an end very soon.


~Edaliz (@momdoesitbetter)

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