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You are priviledge despite any hardship

I’ve read the phrase: Oh but she speaks from a priviledged standpoint. And I know that often means a woman that has someone to take care of the kids while she’s at the spa, or on a date with the hubby, or entrepreneuring. Or a lady that can have a luxury home and stuff she actually doesn’t need. But,have we (yes I said we) ever meditated on how priviledge we are from the place we stand today? (Puting a luxurious life aside or other advantages.)

Let me start with myself. I’m not financially wealthy. But I have everything that I need to live and even more than I deserve. From a spiritual point of view I have God. I know that my blessings and the grace I’ve lived with come from him; an unending fountain of abundance and wholeness. My family, my closest friends, my career, my dreams, my tough times, etc…All those things make me priviledge because I am unique. And a celebrity or an influencer got nothing on me, because my life is rich in it’s own way.

I could complain or cry about the things I’ve lost or don’t have. But there’s soooo much abundance in my life, including life itself that I don’t want to waste my time on not appreciating it. How about you? How priviledge are you? I’d love to read youand celebrate that with you.


~Edaliz 🦋💞🌟🙏

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