My feelings about my son going to preschool

Teacher: “Are you coming to play with us?” Him:” Yeah!” Me: (Looking at him in disbelief, but knowing he’s as decided as I was when I was his age. And bored of being home with mom. Pun intended) When I gave birth I felt happy to have him in my arms, but sad that I had to bring him into a world where so many things are out of my hands. 😔 In this Eve of him going to preschool in a few days I feel quite the same. Happy that he’ll learn so many things, and meet new friends…but he won’t be in my arms anymore. I pray to God and trust Him on this new journey, because only my Lord knows how it feels to let his only son get into an uncertain world.  ~Edaliz (J.E’s Mom)

Mom does it better ©2021

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