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The load of our responsibilities can definitely weigh us down. It’s overwhelming. For the past three months I’ve received more tasks that come with the inevitable event of my son going to preschool. I also got an entrepreneurship certification, published my second book in Spanish and started a series of Instagram live conversations with other mompreneurs. Life is good. Motherhood is a gift. But it’s a huge power to manipulate. Let me tell you a little bit how I handle all this.

I’m not the most disciplined woman; but my current routine is to wake up between 6am and 6:30am. I drink a warm cup of water, sometimes with lime and do my devotional, pray and exercise. After that, I have breakfast, wake my son and make him breakfast. Later we have our speech therapy or planned activities and I start doing chores. When do I take care of my projects? Some days I let my little one sleep a little longer, so I can have more time to write or learn something new about my business.

There are days (most days) when all I have is tasks and the duty to teach my son things that I learned in kindergarden. But now the pediatricians and educational guidelines state that 2 year olds, 3 year olds and 4 year olds need to know those things in order to be considered average. Ha! There’s that and my entrepreneurial goals, where I feel like a sloth. I’m the one taking care of my son and I’ve been offered some help from my mom and mother in law. But they still have their own responsibilities to manage and I don’t require their assistance often. What I want to convey with you today is that having dreams, goals and a life you enjoy, frequently looks like a mountain you’re climbing. Alone.

Sometimes people push you a little and join you too. But it’s your choice to keep going, to cling to your belief and continue the climb. Do you know what keeps me going? My morning routine full of faith, prayer, connection with God and with myself. Maybe you already have that cup you like to drink from that makes you strong and sustains your inner light. Hold on to those you love, to your energy source, to your dreams and remember, I’m here climbing next to you.

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~Edaliz (@momdoesitbetter)

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