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Puertorican mothers thriving in the pandemic?

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Hi! I know I’ve been MIA in here. I have been doing a thousand things at home…Speech therapy for my son, other educational and recreational activities, chores, homemaking…I also published my second e-book, but it’s in Spanish and soon I’ll be publishing the English version. If all of that wasn’t enough, I’m researching about moms in Puerto Rico living the struggles of the pandemic.

Can you believe that I have searched high and low for studies, essays or articles about Puertorican moms during the pandemic and all I find is US statistics, Work Department’s unemployment statistics, but very poor input on how mothers are coping here during the health crisis. All I see and perceive is a fake we’re all well impression in social media. Even some of my aqcuaintances seem like they are living in Wonderland.

Photo by Pexels

But sometimes you have to hear the bizarre news about new moms killing or beating their babies to death. I even heard of a young mom that killed her son in a car accident, because she was so drunk that she crashed and her kid couldn’t survive the impact. Other moms reunite online or in person to complain about not being able to send their kids to school, and even march in front of our Capitol. Then there are also mothers that thrive because they have emotional and professional tools and are working to provide learning resources for mothers to cope with motherhood daily struggles plus the pandemic. I for example am a little of the desperate crowd looking for breaks in the shower, or when my son naps or waking up two hours before my son, so I can have alone time. Plus, I’m working on my books and encouragement posts. But I’m also and encouragement seeker and I spoke to a psychologist recently so I can learn new ways to manage my emotions and to incorporate better habits to model to my family, friends and audience.

Where are you from? How are mothers dealing with the pandemic in your community? Which group of those I mention do you fit in? Need a momfriend? I’m here. Follow me on Instagram as momdoesitbetter so we can meet and chat more!



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