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Having fun crafting this Christmas

December hadn’t started and we were already doing Christmas related activities, like puzzles, a snowman and ornaments.

With the pandemic keeping us home, I decided that we would be busy having some fun with these DIYs I’m going to share with you now.

Mom Does It Better All rights reserved 2020
My son loved this Christmas tree. If you make it and develop other ideas with it, I’d love that you tag me here or on Instagram where you can find me as @momdoesitbetter

Now this beautiful decorative snowman, I found it at the blog Easy Peasy and Fun Soooo easy to make and you don’t need to sew. Click on the link to find the steps and enjoy building a snowman with your kids! You can even make a cute collection of them to decorate around the house or your children’s rooms.

How adorable is this?

Now if you want to start a tradition with your children for Christmas, making ornaments is one. You can actually have your kid make an ornament every year to see how he improves his skills and his creativity develops as he grows. Write the year behind the ornament for when you go down the memory lane. Or he can also start making ornaments to give away as a Christmas gift for the closest family members.

Mom Does It Better All rights reserved 2020
This Santa Claus was made from a Pringles can. You can actually use it to fill it with a small gift or candies. We used foamy, wiggly eyes, a piece thread to hang it from, cotton balls and burlap for Santa’s face. But you can also use foamy. For the belt we used a piece of silver elastic, but you can also use glitter glue or anything you already have that works. I loved this DIY because it’s also a way to teach your kids how to recycle.

How about making funny Christmas trees for the actual Christmas tree? Oh! And an unbreakable ball (lol).

Mom Does It Better All rights reserved 2020
These trees are the easiest to make. Just paint icecream sticks that you can also buy precolored get some kneading thread for the garland, wiggly eyes, a few huge rhinestones and voilà. The ball is very easy too! We used some cardboard, foamy, a piece of silver from a giftbox amd glitter glue. What I like the most from these DIYs, is that you can make your child feel useful when they help making these ornaments. When they’re toddlers they feel very accomplished while helping. If they’re bigger kids, I bet making these brings the cheer of the season even more!
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Other activities we enjoyed making were the stackable maraccas, made with Pringles cans cut in half, poured rice on them and covered with their own lids on both sides. You’ll need 4 lids, or get cardboard. And, the advent calendar; which I use for learning numbers, and telling my son that Christmas is coming of course. 😉

If you enjoyed all these fun ideas to spend some quality time with your kids this Christmas, don’t forget to like this blog post, share it and tag me here or on my Instagram @ momdoesitbetter, if you make one of these crafts. I hope you have the healthiest Christmas surrounded with the love of your family and those closest to your heart.



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