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You can make this year count

The other day I was so sad and angry to see a quote someone wrote on a personalized mug. It said: “I’m not adding this year to my age because I didn’t use it”.

It’s true we were limited by this pandemic and we have been quarantined in our houses indefinitely. But we can give thanks that our mobility, our growth and our advances have not been determined only by going out on the street. From our homes we can prosper and develop ourselves professionally, personally and socially. I heard that the term social distancing is incorrect and that what we need to have is physical distancing. I agree.

Maybe many of us don’t have the liberties we used to have before the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop living while you’re breathing on this Earth. Yes people have lost loved ones this year, jobs, houses, opportunities of any kind. But I will never cease to say that to keep yourself afloat, to feel alive and to progress, serving others is key. To serve your family, your friends, your church or an institution in your community. Involve yourself in proyects according to your calling, to your purpose and exploit your creativity. In doing all these things you’ll definitely count this year with pride and passion. You would have made of a limit a limitless situation and you will want to say undoubtedly that you sure lived this 2020.

If you were motivated by reading this, I’d love to know. And if you think someone you know needs to read it, share it!



3 thoughts on “You can make this year count”

  1. This is so true ~ I initially cancelled the year because I missed out on my best friend’s wedding and 2 other international trips, our house took 6 more months to conclude (oh it isn’t done yet though lol) but recently named it one of the best years of my life. I’ll be writing a post to explain why. It really is about perspective and doing the best with what we have


    1. So glad your perspective changed Shelly! I’m here anytime in case you need to vent. I pray all this madness comes to an end soon. Believe me it has been hard for me too. But we can’t miss out on what we can still enjoy out of life.😘 Hugs.

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