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How I’ve learned the importance of respecting my child’s development needs

Something I’ve learned as a first time mom is that you have to let your child show you what is that they want to do; because that’s the area they need to develop. And so I’ve read from child’s development professionals too.

Everyday I offer my son to play specific learning games or do certain activities. But I also let him choose. That’s when I see him more excited and happy about playing and learning at the same time and we enjoy it the most. Every kid is different and as mothers we want what’s best for them. Therefore, my inivitation is to let them be who they are (unique) and learn at their own pace. To try and make them fit in a standard won’t help much.

Besides, if there’s a developmental area that concerns us, we can consult professional resources like our child’s pediatrician, or any other expert in those specific areas of need.

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Cómo aprendí a respetar las necesidades de desarrollo de mi hijo

Algo que he aprendido como madre primeriza, es que tenemos que dejar que nuestros pequeños nos muestren qué quieren hacer; porque ese es el área que tienen necesidad de desarrollar.También lo he leído de profesionales en desarrollo infantil.

Todos los días le ofrezco a mi toddler una actividad específica o ciertos juegos, pero también dejo que él escoja. Es cuando más feliz se le ve al jugar y aprender simultáneamente.

Cada niño es diferente y como madres queremos lo mejor para ellos. Por eso, mi invitación es que le permitamos ser quienes son (únicos); y que aprendan a su propio ritmo. Forzarlos a encajar en un estándar no les ayudará mucho. Además, si hay un área de aprendizaje que nos preocupa, podemos consultar fuentes profesionales como el pediatra u otros expertos que puedan atender la necesidad específica de nuestros niños.

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5 thoughts on “How I’ve learned the importance of respecting my child’s development needs”

  1. That’s an interesting concept… I tend to force my little one to practice what she doesn’t seem good at or is uninterested in, but maybe I should change my approach! Muy bueno


    1. Hi Shelly! Exactly. At first I tried at least twice that my son engaged in activities he didn’t seem intetested in, because it was age accordingly. But that only frustrated him. So I now observe him playing and coming to me with games requests and that’s how we work. It doesn’t mean that I don’t offer him other games or educational activities, but it is very important to identify which level he’s in in order for me to meet his developmental needs. I hope this helps you. 🙂

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      1. I’m back!!! You were right, it works 🙂 Our little one seems to be learning so much more now and is enjoying every bit. She even brushes her teeth without fussing now because we aren’t forcing it upon her, rather trying a softer approach

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      2. Hello Shelly! I’m so happy to read this. 😀 You are a star mama! Also little ones tend to imitate us parents a lot. So whenever I want my child to try something new or necessary for his development, I make sure he sees me doing it first. Hoping you are doing well and wishing you and your beautiful family more milestones’ celebrations.😊

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