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Motherhood in times of coronavirus: In A Pause But Not Inmovilized

Today I want to share with you three keys to keep moving and developing despite the pause we’ve been experiencing and the distancing from almost all that relates to the outside world.

This was shared originally on a video in Spanish on my Instagram TV (IGTV)

Photo from Pexels

1.Have a notion of the time/date you live in

a.Grab your cellphone every morning and check the calendar.
b. Check your to do list in your agenda
c. Have some kind of visual calendar somewhere in your house

2.Make a list of the things that you thought you didn’t have the time to do before, because you were always busy out of the house.

a. Commit to yourself on puting a date to complete those tasks
b. Re do a list of those goals that your busyness didn’t allow you to accomplish

3. Visualize your opportunities and symbolic opened doors before you.

a. Now that you’re at home most of the time, make some adjustments to finish professional/personal projects
b. Enjoy developing in an area you are passionate about, like: writing, composing music, cooking, or donating your skills in some creative way from home to your community

If these tips gave you some encouragement, I’d love to know it. And share it with friends and family too!

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