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Making time for a self love routine|Cómo hacer tiempo para darte cariño

Moms are specialists of making time for the things everyone needs in the family but them. Am I right? Well, we need to change that. Because if we ain’t happy, nobody is happy.

So today I’m going to share with you a few tips to take care of yourself despite the load of chores and to do’s you have.

  1. Wake up as early as you can (before anybody else in you house) and take at least and hour to meditate and to exercise. I like to meditate at least for half an hour and then practice some yoga or aerobics.
  2. Endulge your palate. Have a delicious breakfast alone, or make something you crave for, for lunch or dinner.
  3. Have an Express Spa. Yes. You can. Take a long shower that includes shaving your legs, put on a face mask and moisture your skin with your favorite body lotion.

If this is something you already squeeze in your daily life, let me know. But if you’d like to try these to improve your lifestyle, share it with me in the comments!

Also, don’t forget to share it with friends and family.



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Cómo hacer tiempo para darte cariño

Las madres somos especialistas en hacer tiempo para suplir las necesidades de todos en la casa, menos las nuestras. ¿Verdad que sí? Pues eso tiene que cambiar. Porque si mamá no está feliz, nadie está feliz.

Hoy quiero compartir unos consejos para que te cuides y te mimes, a pesar de la larga lista de tareas que tienes.

  1. Levántate más temprano que todos en la casa y medita o haz ejercicio. A mí me gusta tomar una hora y utilizar 30 minutos para ambas cosas.
  2. Consiente tu paladar. Hazte un rico desayuno o come algo que se te antoje para almorzar o cenar.
  3. Date un Spa Expreso. Sí. Así como leíste. Toma un baño largo y aféitate, ponte una mascarilla en el rostro, hidrata tu piel con tu loción favorita.

Si ya realizas esta rutina o algo parecido, déjame saber qué tal. Pero si vas a intentar estos consejos, cuéntame y no olvides compartirlos con amistades y familiares.



IG: @momdoesitbetter

Facebook: Mom Does It Better

5 thoughts on “Making time for a self love routine|Cómo hacer tiempo para darte cariño”

  1. Before lockdown I used to go to CrossFit at 5am (which essentially involved waking up at 4:30). Now with this new norm, I struggle to even go to the bathroom alone… maybe waking up before everyone again would be the answer to my problems!


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