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To all mommys out there|A todas las mamis

For a moment think of all the times you’ve heard acquaintances or anyone say you looked prettier this or that way. That you should give your only son/daughter a sibling for them to learn to share and have someone to socialize with. Also that you should incorporate certain habits to your routine, like getting help to clean your house, because that’s how they do it. And it works wonders for them… Oh yes! That’s what works for them, they’re right.

Mom Does It Better ©2020

Now tell yourself what kind of life you want your to give yourself, your partner, your child/ren…Does it look like you need somebody else’s opinion to thrive? If you need help with your lifestyle, I’m sure that you will read your favorite blog or watch your favorite You Tube channel to figure out how to be a better housewive/stay at home mom, or even talk directly to anybody that you might consider able to give you advice on any subject you need to be guided on.

 The thing about getting affected by unwanted advice or opinions, is that you end up being unhappy with your life; and that my friend is not what you’re in this world for.

You are meant to be happy, to feel free to enjoy your existence and those you love without having to care for what others might say or think about you. And if others don’t agree with you on your ways, then they are not the people you should be around. Make mom friends according to your lifestyle, beliefs or those that you look up to but won’t exercise pressure on you and will always empower you. You should know this already, but real friends will love you just the way you are.

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family love, family of three
Mom Does It Better ©2020

Ahora plantéate qué tipo de vida quieres darte a ti, a tu pareja, a tus hijos…¿Necesitas la opinión no deseada de alguien para triunfar? Si necesitas ayuda con tu estilo de vida, estoy segura de que leerás tu blog favorito o verás tu canal de You Tube preferido para encontrar la manera de ser una mejor madre o ama de casa y hasta encontrarás el momento para hablar con alguien que consideres capaz de guiarte.

Lo que ocurre con aceptar consejos u opiniones no solicitadas, es que te sientes infeliz con tu vida; y eso mi amiga no es para lo que viniste a este mundo.

Fuiste creada para ser feliz, para disfrutarte a aquellos que amas sin que te importe lo que otros digan de ti. Y si otras personas no están de acuerdo con tu estilo, entonces no son las personas que deberían rodearte. Haz amigas mamás de acuerdo a tu estilo de vida, a tus creencias o aquellas que admiras por lo lejos que han llegado, pero que no pondrán presión en ti y te empoderarán. Creo que ya debes saber esto, pero tus verdaderas amigas te querrán tal como eres.

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