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Motherhood, a piece of cake? |La maternidad,¿pan comido?

One of the tasks we all have as human beings is to face hardship or bad days in general with a smile on our faces and a triumphant perspective. Afterall, no difficulty is eternal.

All of us moms regardless of our socio economic status or lifestyle know that motherhood is not a piece of cake.

I’ve been through a c-section, a hurricane right after it, and health issues, plus the transition to being a sahm. Now a few earthquakes. In every challenge I’ve had to stand strong, cry and keep making funny faces for my son to learn that despite troubles, life goes on and troubles expire. A hard task, but the One who gave it to me also gave me the power to succeed. Same to YOU.

Todas las madres independientemente de su condición socio económica o estilo de vida sabe que la maternidad no es pan comido.

Yo pasé por una cesárea, un huracán justo después, condiciones de salud nuevas y la transición a ser ama de casa. Ahora terremotos… En cada reto he tenido que ser fuerte, llorar y continuar. Poner caras graciosas para mi hijo y enseñarle que la vida sigue y que los problemas expiran. Es una tarea dura, pero El que me la dio me dio el poder para tener éxito y a TI también.

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