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A tribute to my father figures

Fathers are so important… I think that having a father figure is relevant to anybody else’s life, because they give us direction, a sense of wholesomeness, they make us feel accepted and they give us example.

My father has always taught me to work hard, to persevere, to not give up. He’s like my life coach, haha! I call him and he knows what to tell me right away to cheer me up and wake me to start my march again towards my goal. He has done a lot for me with his words, considering that he lives far away. My grandpa is a resilient man as well…

My grandfather taught me to save money since I was a little girl. Because he never believed in debt. He taught me to work and to save to get the things I wanted. And so, I worked and saved money to buy my first car, to get the second car and to get my Masters’ Degree done. He is a strong man and sensitive at the same time, and I have truly enjoyed learning from him kindness, and the will to work for what I need and long for. Another man whom I am learning lots of things now, is my husband as my son’s daddy.

He knows how to laugh and how to keep his sense of humor no matter what the circumstances are. He’s such a hard worker and I know my son will have no excuses not to strive for what he wants in life. He has a better sense of direction which I know my little one will learn from him (pun intended). And I love that he doesn’t give up on things that really matter. All of these men have something in common that to me is the key to their success. They believe in God and believe God is in their businesses. They love Him and go to Him for strength, courage and direction.

If something I am sure of is that fathers have a great gift here on Earth. They can be a reflection of God’s love and protection. They can give us guidance with their wise words as we find in the Scriptures and they can build and mold lives in amazing ways. I thank heavens for them. I’m thankful for all of the father figures I’ve known and those I admire and have taught me as well so many values…

If you have a father figure to honor, let them know what they mean to you. 😊 Maybe that’s all they have worked for and it’s their reward.



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