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How to co exist with a baby as a new mommy

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When I took good care of a plant at work, I thought I could live several years of my life taking care of a child. But, no. I was wrong. I didn’t live that well while taking care of my baby.

Now, I know this sounds pessimistic; and I don’t mean to. It’s just that my life wasn’t well balanced when my son was born. Like I’ve written before, I had no idea what it was like to take care of a family, to cook everyday, much less how to clean a house on a schedule… My son’s first year of life was a fireproof for me.

When my baby boy was a month and a half old, a hurricane devastated my country, I had to wake up with the sunrise to take advantage of the daylight and buy food, hand wash our clothes, take a shower, eat and look at the little flashlights by the window while listening to the power generators all night long. Oh! And the heat was unbearable. But, it was my real mom school.

After that, I started a treatment for my hyperthyroid and months after despite some ups and downs I got better and we celebrated my baby’s first birthday. I didn’t even had a routine for us. But I’ve made it. And even though this child of mine has pretty crazy sleep patterns, we’ve managed to arrange nap times and a night time routine. ©2019

So, if you think you’re going crazy between feedings, breast or bottle, naps, sleep deprivation and a messy house, you’re perfect for this reading! I hope that my routine sheds some light upon you.

  • Wake up 1-2 hrs before baby to have some silence and a quiet breakfast
  • Make some time to take a shower, get dressed and wear some makeup or comb your hair (whatever that makes you feel like yourself)
  • Do one chore that you know you can’t do while the baby is awake
  • Carry your baby wherever you go! Baby wearing can make you feel free to do almost everything while you keep your little one close to you
  • Go for a walk. I used to go to the shopping mall even if I wasn’t going to buy anything. You need to see that you’re still part of the world
  • Take advantage of your baby’s naps and do another chore, or do something that you like to do like painting your nails or watch your favorite TV show, if you have to cook, do so while the child sleeps. That way, you won’t have to worry about you having to be far from your little one
  • Some babies are tough to teach a sleep routine (like mine; still at almost two years old). Try to bathe your child at the same hour every day and play some lullabies or soft music for him, or read something to create a habit for your little one to understand that it’s time to sleep. Now that my son is older, he knows when it’s sleep time; though he fights to keep playing
  • Sometimes we need to vent, and our partners are as tired as we are, of course if you’re a stay at home mom and he works outside the house both of you are exhausted in different ways. Talk to a friend who will understand your struggles, or get into a mom group on your preferred social media platform. You will find ears to hear you (or eyes to read you)
  • Take sometime during the day to get to know your little one. Play with him, find some exercises online to benefit your baby’s physical and cognitive development. You’ll thank yourself for those times, because time flies
  • Prioritize your relationship with your partner. Even if you have to take the baby with you, go out and have some dinner, watch a movie and pop some corn in the coziness of your home; but remember that there were the two of you first and having fun together will make you stronger to raise your child with tons of love

Are you a new mommy? How did you like this 10 tips? Are you an experienced stay at home mom with more ideas that you’d like to share here? I’d love to read you!




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