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Stay At Home Mom School

I believe each one of us SAHMS could open a school or a course with all of the learnings we’ve got from taking care of our children exclusively for the period of time we’ve done it so far.

I personally have learned a few things I want to share with you and would love to know if you resonate with this.

1. I have learned to stay awake after my toddler falls asleep to take longer showers

2. I wash my hair once a week. But I thank Shea Moisture and Garnier for having such excellent curl moisture products

3. I have to wake up an hour or two ahead of my child if I want to accomplish a few things that are impossible to do right if he’s around me

4. I can’t nap when he naps. Nap time is clean up and cook time

5. I had to admit that he gets bored of me and soon I’ll be taking him to a day care to watch him play with other kids (I’ll stay with him by the way)

6. Screens are a trap for kids’ development. When the TV is off my baby, seems eager to interact with me more and learn things from me

7. My plate is also my son’s plate. He always ends up eating my food

8. Some women envy me because they have to work and I’m at home “doing nothing”. Sure! I just take care of a little human that makes tantrums, hates diaper changes, follows me to the bathroom, while I tidy the whole house, cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, and do laundry, plus other extras. I love the “dolce far niente” lifestyle.

9. Every person that approaches me wants to talk to my child as if he was a 5 or 7 year old. Come on! He just came into this world a year and eight months ago….

10. I’ve learned to thank everybody for their advices about how to educate my son, how to feed him, how to build a routine for him, how to make him learn faster…In the end I’ll do whatever I think it’s best for him

11. I follow my instincts in regards to anything concerning my baby’s wellbeing. Because applying anybody else’s practices it’s trying your kid like every other kid. And no single child is equal

12. Never disrupt a baby’s sleep. They behave and respond better when they take naps and it also helps them have a better night sleep

Someday I’ll add more to this list, I’m sure. But these are principles that come from my own experience. Do you have any that you want to share? I’ll be glad to read you!



2 thoughts on “Stay At Home Mom School”

  1. I think every mom blog is sort of a little “mom school” lol. I’d add, make plans to get out of the house often with your kids – parks, museums, kids play spaces… I often thought of myself more a “go out and explore mom” than a “Stay at home mom” 🙂


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