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Grocery shopping in savings mode

Well, several weeks ago I promised my Instagram followers I would talk about this and it’s about time.

In Puerto Rico there aren’t many coupon users, and I want to change that soon. But this blog post is about the steps I follow to go grocery shopping in a way that I save time at the supermarket and save money buying what I actually need.


Just a few simple steps:

  1. I make an inventory of what I have in my refrigerator and in my pantry
  2. I make a meal plan (or menus) with the food and ingredients from the inventory to make sure I use it all throughout the rest of the month or the following weeks
  3. I proceed to make a list of the following products and foods in the order that I run through the supermarket, that way I don’t miss things from my list
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Seasonings, oils and condiments
  • Meats
  • Rice and pastas aisle

For the last two, I make two separate columns that I name Lunch and dinner. I go for the easy stuff for lunch (like tacos, hamburguers or hotdogs, salads and sandwiches) and elaborate more for dinner.

  • Breakfast column (include cereals, granola, eggs, ham and cheese and all the ingredients you consume for breakfast)
  • Miscellaneous: in this column I place hygiene products and cleaning products

Something that really helps me making my list, is thinking about how much of a food or product I consume monthly, and it saves me trips to the supermarket having the right amount of eggs for example, or meat for dinner.

I hope this helps and if you have some other methods you’d like to share, I’ll be glad to read you in the comments section. Also, follow my feed on Instagram! @momdoesitbetter

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