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Mom’s bedtime prayer

Photo credit: Pexels

I want to encourage you to be thankful everyday. And to go to bed every night with a thankful heart, full of good thoughts about yourself and a compilation of all the goodness that your day brought you and your family.

Dear God,

Thank you for life, for my health, for the health of my children and of my significant other (if you have one). Thank you for giving me the strength to accomplish everything that I did today.

I ask you for a replenishing sleep for all of us in this family, for a peaceful night for us and our neighborhood, and for your divine intervention while we rest. Because I know your righteous hand holds us and you are always working in our favor. I thank you it is done in the name of Jesus.

Thank you for making me a diligent, strong, healthy, prosperous and joyful woman that ministers my family and those around me; and all of this for your glory.

In your mighty Name I pray, amen.

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