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How I love being a stay at home mom

Literally. I’m loving this season as a stay at home mom. As a first time mom, I thought I would die from inside out because I wouldn’t generate an income for my household and I was going to be more in the house than enjoying the work environment that made me feel useful. Scary right? Been there?

Well, after 17 months taking care of my son, I found a great formula for loving this stay at home mom status and I want to share it with you. First, I did things because I love my family and I wanted to be responsible in having a clean home, good food, a happy baby, but something was missing. Passion. I did everything like a robot, some days I would be a perfectionist trying to do it all and having all set before my husband arrived from work and other days I just didn’t have that courage within me. I thought this was too much and I was disorganized. Until… I found (nope, not Marie Kon; sorry.)

I watched Becky from A Place to Nest,

Photo credit: Becky’s Instagram account

Meg from Love Meg

Photo credit from Meg’s Instagram

and Cas from Clutter Bug.

Photo credit: Cas’s Instagram account

These ladies I just mentioned are all You Tubers and they don’t even know how much my life has changed in the past month because of them sharing their own experiences and methods as stay at home moms. They have the nicest homes, they share their cleaning techniques and homeschooling journey (that’s Becky from a Place To Nest), decluttering and “hugging the house” like Cas, it’s a must watch for those of you like me who need some motivation in being a diligent, happy stay at home mom and a blessing to their families.

Regarding the later statement, Becky, Meg and Cas teach in a video collab how to love cleaning the house, which is what I had the most trouble with and I wanna share the links with you. I hope their channels encourage you as much as they motivate me.

Click on the channel’s names to access the videos!

A Place To Nest

Love Meg

Clutter Bug

When I get a better grasp of my own house cleaning schedule and tidying, I will share it with you. Until then, let me tell you that in order for my family to feel loved, cared for and enjoy our home and life, I learned to enjoy doing chores, running errands, taking care of my kid and I do it with love for all of us. And a plus, I know I please God in it.



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