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My mom and baby proof bluetooth speaker

This Christmas I got the best bluetooth speaker, because it’s actually mommy and baby proof. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, is a great deal for us moms that are always running around the house, (specially stay at home moms) doing chores, playing with the little one and those activities must include sound to keep your sanity. Haha.

Why is the Wonderboom the best purchase you can make? Well this one is compact, drop proof (5ft), water, dirt proof, the battery lasts up to 10 hours…The sound is amazing for such a small speaker.

I remember entering a toy store during the holidays and I thought the music was coming from the store built in speakers. To my surprise there was one of these in a corner shelf and I was in awe by the fidelity of its sound. Also, you can improve the experience with your smart phone’s audio settings.

I’m not a tech savyy, but I assure you from my experience, I love this gadget (and it has a loop from where I can hang it on the wall or a window). I don’t have to lose mymind if my son drops it or if it accidentally falls in the baby’s tub or if there’s a huge splash… The price? $69.99 at Best Buy. But you can also purchase it at Amazon. If you want to find out more about this wonderful bluetooth speaker before you invest in it, here’s the best You Tube review my hubby and I watched:

Hope you find this helpful and you give this a try to make your mommying experience better.



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