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The non toys Christmas gifts for a one year old

My baby boy is one year old and he has toys for his age, books, an activity center, blocks, interactive toys. Guess what? He plays with very few of them. And he likes to play with my bowls and kitchen utensils more.

My husband and I started to think of things we or our relatives could give him this Christmas that weren’t toys and here’s a list, in case you happen to be in our shoes:

  1. Books: One with stories and another one with learning activities
  2. Clothing: Children grow up too fast and they can use new changes of clothes in exchange for those that don’t fit anymore. ●Make a list of specific pieces that your baby needs, like a new set of PJs or 2 sets of onesies for daily use, an outfit for special activities or outings (ceremonies or church services) ●A new pair of shoes in case you like your child to wear them regularly. I personally have two pairs of shoes for my son, for when we go out.
  3. Baby skin care/hair care products: liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner
  4. Diapers
  5. Open a savings account
  6. Money for the savings account

I won’t say anything about experiences, because babies really don’t get much about going to Disney at one year old or taking him to x or y attraction (that’s mostly an activity the parents enjoy by the look on our kid’s face, hehe). What are your ideas? Will you still fall for the emotion of getting toys for your kid [s] on Christmas even if the little ones end up playing with the same things?

Let me know your ideas in the comments! I’d love to read you and learn from you too. 😉



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