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Follow to get your life balance

In real life, people say you are the type of people you hang out with. In cyber life, who you follow determines how you live or try to live. Do you agree?

Well, psychological and social studies show that in this era those who use social media end up depressed because of what other people’s lives seem to be through their social feeds. Even though we all know that we can make up our lives in those platforms, we still fall for the “perfect” lives of celebrities and “influencers”. Same happens with motherhood.

How many of us have scrolled through a mom blogger’s social media profile and seen such beautiful houses (all clean and tidy), well dressed up kids, she puts on make up everyday? Or the mom that has her kids in school and she can devote her life to fitness, or healthy recipes and you on the other side, devouring a donut, a cup of icecream or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because you’re still in postpartum period/baby weight and breastfeeding? How about the ultra positive woman? The motivational feed. She knows how to make everyday quotes about happiness, self control, discipline and time management. All of these accounts are okay. But how many social profiles of the same type we follow? My dear fellow moms, that’s the problem.


You can follow a certain personality from an aspirational point of view and it’s okay. But if you follow a person, celebrity or influencer to torture yourself daily because your life is the total opposite, my friend do yourself a favor and take a break to refocus your attention.

Balance your feed

DO follow those accounts you love to get some inspiration from, but also follow those who put your feet on the ground and make you feel like it’s okay to be you. Whatever “you” that is.

Don’t follow too many accounts that often sell an image or lifestyle that you can’t reach at the moment or never. Unless you like to suffer when you scroll.

How to have a balanced social media feed?

  • Enjoy the content you consume (DIY’s, recipes, parenting quotes, memes,product reviews, etc…)
  • Get ideas, inspiration you can actually apply to your life (If you follow a traveller’s blog, you can live the experiences through their journeys, see what are the best things to do in those places and fill your bucket list with those trips and activities you can realize sometime with your family or by yourself.)
  • Receive encouragement and motivation Take only what works for you. Otherwise, you’ll end up trying to fill shoes that aren’t part of your calling or mission in life. Be free!
  • Receive a pat in the back for not being perfect but trying to improve to supply your family needs and yours. Each of us (our spouses, children, have a different, fascinating and unique existence. (Stick to those down to earth style social media feeds, and you’ll see how awesome you and your loved ones are.)

You don’t have to agree with me either

If you have a healthy self esteem and you live by your own rules or could care less about what you see in social media, this guide may have little impact on you. Either way if you just play strictly by your own values, principles and have established your priorities, or at least you try it, you’re doing great. But the media, advertising and people with influence out there can play a role in altering some people’s live expectations. Here are some of the social media account types that I follow, but don’t overflow my feed with them:

I really like to follow moms who ad knowledge, safe practices, who share a down to earth lifestyle, the ones who have experience with organization, those who practice an eco friendly/healthy lifestyle and show how to make it happen, and why not those who have an awesome mom humor. Last but not least, the moms with great taste for make up, clothing, baby gear and home essentials, because they keep me up to date.

Some of my personal favorite:

In Instagram I have many more accounts of bloggers I love too! Take a look and if you wanna share with me some of your faves, leave me a comment!



What do you think? Comment below to let me know your impression. I'll be happy to reply!

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