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How to soothe my teething baby with no medication

I honestly thought I had to medicate my baby or try some kind of medication to soothe him from teething. But thank God for crunchy mamas with experience, and some of the tricks my own mom and grandma used with their own children. Yes! Now it’s my turn to tell YOU what has worked for me.

Fortunately, my little one has never had the worst teething symptoms. Only discomfort and fuzziness. But no fever nor crying or diarrea. Still, they seem uncomfortable from these new teeth appearing.

  1. THE MAMA COLD COMPRESS: If you are breastfeeding your baby, you can use wash cloths pour breast milk on them and freeze them. When your baby shows signs of discomfort, you can give it to her to chew on them.
  2. If you don’t want to use breast milk, because it can get messy once the milk starts dripping from the wash cloth, just use distilled water.
  3. GEL TEETHING TOY: This one is a very common product to use for teething babies. Don’t freeze them. Just put them on the fridge inside a sandwich bag for when the time comes to give it to your baby. My little one loves these! Note: Make sure these toys are BPA Free. There are also some eco-friendly toys if you are into sustainable products. Like bamboo rings and shapes that also come with a piece of fabric and babies can chew on them too.
These teethers are from Nuby. They are BPA Free. And I liked that each toy is for a different teething step. 1. For front teeth 2. For Front and Middle Teeth 3. For all teeth How cool is that?

4. BLANKIES: My son loves to chew on the tips of his blankies when his gums bother him. I guess that for him applying pressure on the gums soothes him.

5. BREASTDFEEDING: When babies are uncomfortable, they love to nurse. It has helped a lot to nurse my baby while his gums bother him.

You don’t have to medicate your baby, unless there’s something that you couldn’t solve on your own and the pediatrician had to come to your baby’s aid. Otherwise, it is normal that your baby gets fuzzy and it will pass. Make her feel better with numbing the gums with the cold compress or toy and breastfeeding is one of my personal favorites. Because nursing relaxes the baby, and mommy as well. Oxytoxin is powerful.

Note: Your instincts will tell you what is best for you little one. So believe in yourself and the bond you share with your precious bundle of joy.

Should any of you have another tip on teething or have a question, feel free to post it below!



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