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Essentials for a little trip with babies

Hey there!

Since the holidays are very close now, I wanted to share with you what I do carry with me when traveling with my little one to see my grandparents for a day or visiting my in-laws for the weekend.

  1. 3 outfits

-two onesies

-one shirt and pants

-3 to 6 pairs of socks

2. 2 sets of PJs

3. 4 to 6 disposable diapers (for a day out) 8 to 12 if you’ll be spending 2 days away from home (it also depends on how many diapers your baby wets a day)

4. 2 to 3 bibs

5. 2 to 3 burp cloths

6. Baby bath gel and lotion

7. One towel

8. Baby’s analgesic (prevention)

9. 2 wash cloths

10. 3 of your baby’s favorite toys

11. 2 blankies

I already have a one year old and I’ll also have to take his toothbrush with me now. Ha ha! If I’ll only be gone for a day I usually narrow the list to the things that I will use for sure, like clothing, diapers and toys.

Note: My baby had sensitive skin from the beginning, so I use a little soapy water (more water than soap), when I change his diapees. I like to carry a small spray bottle with me for that.

The list can definitely be very different if you’re going to a cold weather destination. But I live in a tropical Island and our “cold weather” varies from 70° to 60°’s if you go to the countryside (at the mountains could be a little bit colder though. We call that cold because all year long we hold a very hot weather (90’s to 100°).

Some day I might tell you all how it is to live here in paradise. 😉

If you found this list helpful, or you want to add something to it, I’ll be soooo happy to read you!



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